Everyone is in favor of quality, right?

That’s something we can all agree on.  The real question is, what does it take to improve the quality in your business?  It’s a question that’s easy to ask, and much more difficult to answer.

A lack of quality costs you money!

Quality problems can increase costs, cut into revenues, and lower productivity.  Worse yet, these problems often go unseen, lurking below the surface—sometimes for years.  Could you stand to get back 10% – 30%, or more, of your costs and/or time?  That’s the kind of “waste” most businesses experience because of poor quality.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Catskill Analytics, we have been helping organizations identify and solve quality problems for years.  Dave Northcutt is an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer with over 35 years of experience across all kinds of organizations.  We can help you improve your quality, thereby automatically improving your productivity.  That means dollars back in your pocket.

Do you have supplier quality issues?

We can help here too.  Developing a rigorous set of requirements and specifications can be difficult, and many suppliers will push back.  Catskill Analytics has the experience and credibility to help you turn your suppliers into valued partners.

Our services include:

  • Quality audits
  • Continual improvement programs
  • Statistical Process Control implementation and training
  • Supplier audits and inspection
  • Defect prevention
  • Operational measurements
  • Designed experiments

Don’t see the type of quality improvement you’re looking for here?  Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.  We can probably help.

Dave Northcutt, 908.500.1196, dave@catskillanalytics.com