A survey can tell you a lot about your customers’ thoughts and desires.

The problem is, surveys need to be designed properly and analyzed correctly for the information to be valid and useful.  At Catskill Analytics, we’ve designed surveys for many businesses, and we know what it takes to develop a good survey. Asking the proper questions and creating a questionnaire that drives reliable responses are two of the biggest success factors, and we have the experience to get results.

Without solid analysis, your surveys are just another set of data.

There are many pitfalls in survey data.  We can help you avoid them, and assist you in getting the maximum amount of information out of your surveys.  We have helped many customers separate the signals from the noise in survey data.

We offer the following services:

  • Survey design – electronic, e-mail, & paper
  • Survey implementation & delivery
  • Survey analysis

Don’t see the type of survey assistance you’re looking for here?  Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.  We can probably help.

Dave Northcutt, 908.500.1196, dave@catskillanalytics.com